Visiting MD Anderson

Today we met with Dr. Mark Gilbert at MD Anderson in Houston.  Numerous other Doctors we have talked with speak very highly of him, some going as far to say, “Do whatever Mark says”.  Mark was great, very personable, and he knew we were interested in clinical trials and which ones we were looking at.  A lot of the trials they had at MD Anderson were already full, but they did have a new one opening up.  It was a phase 1 trial, which my insurance wouldn’t cover, so it all but ruled it out.  Also, after getting word on Friday that I had the right gene to get into the ICT-107 trial, I felt pretty confident that was the right way to go.

Overall an excellent visit.  It was really nice to be able to talk to one of the foremost experts in the field and get his thoughts on the different options.  I was also blown away by the magnitude of MD Anderson.  It’s a huge operation!

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