The Battle Continues

Yesterday we went back to Wake Forest for the one month follow up MRI and the results were not what we were hoping far.  While the area of concern hasn’t really increased in size, it was more visible than the last time.  Here is the conclusion from the MRI report (just in case there are any medical professionals reading along):

Status post left frontal craniotomy and resection of left frontal lobe tumor. Increased nodular enhancement about the resection cavity with surrounding increased gyral thickening and edema compared to exam from 12/5/2013. Findings are concerning for recurrent/residual tumor.

Today the medical team at Wake Forest met, and they are recommending another surgery to remove what is almost certainly the tumor coming back.  At this point the tumor is very small, much smaller than it was for the first surgery, and it’s in the same place, which is apparently easy to get at.   From what I’m told the surgery should be pretty straight forward.

Over the next couple weeks we’ll be evaluating all our options and coming up with a plan going forward.  Once we know what we are going to do we’ll let everyone know.

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