Recovering from a Double Pneumonia

As if I’m not unlucky enough, I somehow managed to catch get a double pneumonia this past week.  Honestly it wasn’t that bad, and it was only after they told me I had it did I start to feel worse….or maybe they caught it early before it got worse….either way I’m feeling much better now.  They gave me some antibiotics that really seemed to knock it out before it got any worse.

Since my normal Dr. couldn’t get me in, she recommended we go to the ER.  I felt pretty stupid going to the ER for what at the time was just a fever and chills, but we did it anyways.  Once we got in the back and they took my vitals, my temperature was normal…at my house an hour earlier I was running a fever of between 102 and 103.  They then checked my blood to make sure my immune system was working and finally did a chest X-Ray.  The chest X-ray revealed some masses in both lungs, and they then wanted to do a CAT scan to check for clotting, which is apparently pretty common on cancer patients.  Fortunately the CAT scan did not show any clotting, but further confirmed the double pneumonia.  All that was last Tuesday.

Yesterday I followed up with my Dr. in Charlotte, and she did another set of chest X-rays.  She said they looked much better, and if anyone was ever curious about what my lungs looked like in an X-ray, below is an image.

Chest X-Ray







We’ll be heading up to Duke on Sunday for the next infusion which is scheduled to take place on Monday.   The first infusion really wasn’t that bad, I don’t want to jinx myself, but I felt pretty normal afterwards.  I should also add they don’t think this pneumonia was caused by the drugs they gave me.  The drugs they are giving me are supposed to take the brakes off the immune system and make it attack the tumor.  We’ll see what happens as I get further into the study.

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