Officially in the Trial!

As I’m typing this I’m in the process of getting the first infusion of Nivolumab and Ipilimumab!  We were very relieved to find out that I  was getting both drugs as Ipilimumab, has shown quite a bit of promise with other forms of cancer, the big one being melanoma.  Now we just have to see how I tolerate it, but so far so good.

It’s always nerveracking leading up to the start of the trial, as there are so many things that have to fall into place for you to qualify, the location of the tumor, the MRI results, your blood results, past clinical trials you’ve been involved in…the list goes on and on.  So when you finally get the infusions it’s a huge sense of relief.

It has been a long day up here (with little sleep last night), and we’ll be here for another hour before finishing up the infusions, then we’ll hit the road back to Charlotte.


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