Not the Result We Were Hoping For

On December 5th, I another MRI and the results weren’t quite what we were hoping for.  Previous MRI’s had all looked pretty good, but this report included the following sentence:

These findings raise concern for disease progression, although treatment related changes can have similar appearance.

When you are going through the treatment, disease progression is one thing that you don’t want to hear….but the odds are that almost anyone battling glioblastoma will hear it sometime in their life.   The second half of the sentence also says it could be nothing, but of course you can’t stop thinking about the first half and what that would mean.  It would be very normal for it to be scar tissue from surgery or damage caused by the chemo and radiation.

My neuro oncologist always goes over the MRIs in detail with me, and he showed me the area of concern and it was very small and faint.  Once I get a copy of the MRI CD, I’ll try and find some pictures to post.

After getting the results, the initial thought was since it is so small we’ll just wait the usual 2 months, but after some discussion we decided to do it at 1 month, mainly just for my piece of mind.  They did say they aren’t sure it would really change much in a month, but I feel much better doing it sooner than later.  That is one of many things I really like about Wake Forest, is that they get to know their patients and are willing to listen to their concerns and accommodate their requests (within reason I’m sure, really haven’t asked for anything too crazy…yet.  Look out Jennifer! 🙂 ).

Although this news is not what we were hoping for, I otherwise feel great.  I no longer have the fatigue that went along with the chemo and radiation.  I am also  still hitting the gym several days a week and walking most other days.  Given that I  have no neurological deficits, it does give us  hope that perhaps what appeared on the MRI is just treatment related.  Hopefully we’ll know more in the coming months and we’ll keep everyone updated as we get the information.

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