2012-03-24 Post Surgery MRI Report

DATE OF SERVICE: 3/24/2012

EXAM: MRI of the brain with and without contrast
Clinical history: Brain tumor resection.

Technique: MRI of the brain was performed both before and following intravenous administration of 20 ml of Gadolinium. Multiplanar, multi sequential images were obtained.

Findings: Comparison is made to the prior MRl from March 19,2012.
Since the prior study the patient has undergone a left frontal craniotomy for debulking of a frontal neoplasm. There is residual blood products and edema at the surgical site. A small amount of air seen in the surgical cavity. There is no definite residual enhancing tumor left. No shift herniation is seen. There is no hydrocephalus. There is some restricted diffusion seen along the margins of the surgical cavity. The remainder of the study is stable.

Impression: Expected postsurgical changes status post resection of left frontal mass.

I don’t have any post surgery MRI images.  That’s a good thing though as the tumor was completely removed as confirmed by the report so there is nothing visible in the MRI.  Dr. Mark Smith from Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates did a great job!

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