2012-02-28 MRI Report

DATE OF SERVICE: 2/28/2012 9:29:00 PM

EXAM: MRI of the brain without and with gadolinium enhancement.

Contrast dose: 20 ml of Magnevist.

Sagittal axial and coronal imaging was obtained.

The study shows a superficial enhancing mass lesion in the high convexity left frontal lobe. On coronal enhanced images the lesion measures 2.8 cm by 2.1 cm. High signal component within the lesion on nonenhanced T1-weighted images probably represents calcification.  Blood degradation products could be contributing to the appearance. There is adjacent T2 signal change within the right frontal lobe that may represent edema and/or infiltrating tumor. The lesion likely represents a primary tumor. The ventricles are normal in size.  No other intracranial lesions are seen.

Impression: There is a left frontal lobe mass lesion compatible with a primary tumor as described above.

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