Long Time Since the Last Update

It’s been a long time since the last update, but things continue to go as well as could be expected.  Saturday night was the end of my 10th round of chemo and I’m handling it pretty well.  Really the only side effect at this point is fatigue during the day.

Given that I have very little updates on my health to report, I’ve been busy updating the website with recent test results and if you check them out, they are holding pretty steady.  A few of the stats like the white blood count and weight continue to drop, but I’m in the home stretch with only 2 rounds of chemo left.

One new area of the site is the cards section.  If you check it out you’ll see the tremendous amount of support we have received from family and friends.  That support really gives us more strength to keep fighting everyday.  When so many people are behind you, it’s motivation to fight even harder.  Whether it’s choking down nasty vegetable drinks, eating heads of garlic, or sweating it out in a steam room with naked old men (that’s a topic for another blog post!), when everyone is watching it’s a lot harder to make excuses….although with this condition you have quite a bit of motivation already.

Next big event is another vaccination and MRI on April 11th.

No post would be complete without a picture of Caroline and I.  Below is picture of us just taking it easy on Easter!

Caroline and Dad

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