Latest MRI Images and Infusion

After a long wait, here are a couple shots from the latest MRI taken on June 23, 2014.

06-23-2014-2 MRI

06-23-2014 MRI







For reference purposes here is the MRI from 6 weeks ago.









So the first thing you probably notice is the area of concern is bigger than the previous scans, but from what we’ve been told, that is typically the case when you are on this type of drug….the tumor looks worse before it looks better.  If you look closely at the latest scans there are apparently some good signs in there, but in comparing to the previous MRI, I’m not really sure I see them.  What I remember the Dr saying was the ventricle is opening up a bit more and the tumor isn’t as dense, possibly breaking down, which HOPEFULLY means the drugs are working.  The next MRI is scheduled for August 11th, so hopefully we’ll know a bit more after that.

I continue to feel really good, no more headaches, sleeping well, etc and really don’t have any deficiencies.  The lack of headaches could be related to the steroids I’m taking, but they actually disappeared before I started the steroids so I don’t think that is really it.

Since the last post, it has been a busy couple weeks.  First we had to go to the emergency room on July 2, 2014.  I had a terrible headache when I woke up and was throwing up a little, but it seemed to be just a virus or something.  They ran the whole battery of tests and didn’t find anything so they sent me on my way. Luckily, I was feeling back to my old self in a day or so.

The next issue was my liver enzymes had shot up again, and I had to go back on steroids last Monday.  Fortunately they had come down enough by today so I could get the next infusion.  I have to admit I was pretty nervous about not being able to get the Nivo drug this morning due to my ongoing issues with my liver, but luckily everything turned out OK.  So right now, we are up at Duke getting my first solo injection of Nivo (previously I was getting both Nivo and Ippy).

Thanks everyone for your continued support, prayers, and positive vibes!  Also wanted to thank Lisa, AG, and Dave for watching Caroline while we are away!

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