Great News Today

My neurooncologist tells me that I’m a boring patient, but in his line of work that is a VERY good thing!  I’m happy to report today’s MRI showed no sign of any activity.  I’m very fortunate to be doing so well, so many others with this disease can’t say the same.  Keep sending the prayers and positive thoughts our way as we are still at the very beginning of this quest and have a long ways to go!

Here’s a quick update of where I’m at in my treatment.

  • I’ve completed all 12 rounds of Temodar (chemo) without issue.  As long as things continue to go well, I will not have to take any more Temodar.  Hopefully in a few months my blood counts will get higher, but time will tell how much long term damage was done to my immune system by the Temodar.
  • I have one vaccination shot left that will be given in October.  At that point I’ll essentially be out of the study, but will continue to be monitored for signs of the tumor coming back.  I’m guessing that sometime in 2014 we’ll probably know whether I was given the active drug or placebo, as well as what antigens targeted by ICT-107 were present in my tumor.
  • MRI’s will be done every 2 months until October and then if all is still going well they will be moved to every 3 months for the foreseeable future…honestly not sure if I will ever stop having to have MRI’s.

So let’s all continue hoping and praying that I remain a boring patient!

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