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Before the most recent post, almost 2 months had passed since the previous post and a lot has gone on in my personal life.  My wife is always telling me I need to make the blog more personal, and while that really isn’t my personality I’m working on it.  So here we go!

First was a  little vacation with my wife’s family to Isle of Palms.  We had a great time just enjoying the beach and all that goes along with it.  My sister in law has children several years older than my daughter and they wore me out in the ocean and on bike rides around the island.

The next picture was taken in the pavilion where they have an amphitheater setup, but all the kids wanted to do was climb up and jump down each of the steps built into the hill…we must have done it 100 times.  If I would have been wearing my Fitbit, I probably would have earned my Mt. Everest climbing badge!

The final beach picture is one of Hollywood Caroline and I getting setup to fly our Monkey Mike kite on the beach.  Yes, the kite name really is Monkey Mike, and not a reference to my father 🙂

The next big event was Caroline’s 2nd birthday.  We blew up a bunch of pink balloons and covered her floor with them while she was sleeping (my wife saw it on Pinterest…we aren’t that creative, but my wife is all over Pinterest coming up with creative things to do), and when she woke up we filled her crib with them and took a couple pictures.


The final birthday picture is Caroline at her party.  We had a dual party with some friends whose daughter was turning 3 at My Gym.  From the picture below you can tell that Caroline certainly had a good time in her over the top birthday outfit!


On a more serious note, I think that everyone battling a serious illness or disease needs to have really strong motivation to fight as hard as they can everyday.  Something that makes life worth living.  Something that forces you to stick to a diet.  Something that forces you push out extra reps in the gym.  Something that makes you fighter harder each day.  For me that is Caroline.  I want her to remember her father (my wife is a close second, but she already knows me 🙂 ).  That’s the first goal, and I’ll probably have to be around for another 2-3 years before that happens.  I plan on being around much longer, but with any long term plan you have to break it up in to smaller pieces and celebrate reaching the milestones.

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