Another Good MRI

As most of our Facebook followers already know, last Thursday I had another good looking MRI.  You can read the full medical report, but it can be summed up by my favorite medical terms, “grossly unremarkable” and “grossly normal”.

The weeks before the MRI are always difficult for us.  For me personally I start thinking I have headaches and over analyzing everything, thinking the tumor has come back.  Fortunately I stay very busy at work, which keeps my mind off of it.  I also exercise quite a bit so I’m usually pretty exhausted by the end of day and have no trouble at all sleeping through the night.

My wife has a harder time with it than I do.  She often can’t sleep, chews down her nails, and always asks how I’m feeling.  To which I typically just say “fine”.   Those of you who know me, know you typically have to pry information out of me.  My wife is persistent and it usually comes out that I have a small headache which is typically just sinus related.  This time of year in Charlotte, everything is just coated in pollen, so it’s really no surprise that my allergies act up.  But nonetheless she still worries about me very much, which I’m hoping gets easier for her with each good MRI.

When you get the news back that everything looks good, it is a huge relief…it is like a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders.  I feel like a completely healthy person when I get the news, ready to take on whatever comes my way.  The days after the MRI are usually the time when I cheat on my diet a bit, I don’t really eat any sweets and don’t miss them at all, but pizza is the one food that I do miss.  So I’ll usually have a piece or two to celebrate.  Luckily though my wife gets me back in line, cooking healthy meals and always reminding me to make my veggie juice.

That’s all for now, I’ve got quite a few posts saved as drafts which I’ll hopefully get out in the coming weeks.




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