Another Clean MRI!

On Monday I had another MRI and we are happy to report there was no sign of the tumor!  It’s the best result we could have hoped for, so things are continuing to go really well!   Our research nurse, Jennifer, finally got to the deliver the good news to us….last time the Dr. called me at home to deliver the good news before our scheduled appointment with Jennifer later that day.

It has been a while since I last made a post, as the past month has been crazy for me personally.  I’ve had several big events happen in the past 30 days, including:

  • Celebrating my 36th birthday
  • Selling my company
  • Watching Caroline grow like a weed!
Speaking of Caroline, I can’t write a post on Halloween without including a family picture of her in her Ladybug costume!

Finally, I’ve updated my blood stats on the health dashboard.  Overall things are looking good, a little low on some tests, but fortunately not too far outside the normal ranges.  Hopefully all the candy I ate tonight will get everything back to the normal ranges.  Just kidding, no candy for me, instead I had some delicious garlic and a spinach and broccoli juice.  After the garlic I don’t have to worry about vampires tonight, but unfortunately it also repels my wife!


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