Ain’t Got No Time for Brain Cancer

Those of you that are following along on Facebook know that earlier today I had another MRI which looked good.  We are very fortunate to have things continue to go so well, and are extremely grateful for everyone praying for us and sending positive thoughts our way!

The highlight of the day was the good news, but before the MRI I was chatting with one of the usual MRI techs  and talking about how I was hoping to keep the streak of clean scans going.   I don’t know the exact phase she used, but it was something like, “Yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that”…she said it in a joking way, and she could tell by my expression I didn’t get the joke and then told me to look it up on YouTube.  I’m sure this has already made the rounds on FaceBook, but I completely missed it, and found it hilarious…I can always count on someone at Wake Forest to make me laugh on each trip.  If you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out below.

After watching the video, just like Sweet Brown ain’t got no time for bronchitis, I ain’t got no time for brain cancer.  To many things to do in life….watch my daughter grow up, spend time with my wonderful wife and family, the list goes on and on.

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